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HSE Fishers Boys Lacrosse

Fall Tourney Information

Laxtoberfest - Saturday, Oct 29th and Sunday, Oct 30th

U13 "Red"      U13 "Blue"      U15
Coach: ORourke / Gastineau   Coach: Hoener / Pauls   Coach: Berutich / Tudor
Goheen, Jack   Droste, Evan   Harycki, Samuel
Coppersmith, Mason   Hoener, Aidan   Tudor, Miles
Braz, Matthew   Saba, Nicholas   Zeiher, Christopher
Faulkner, Garrett   Stapf, Andrew   Washburn, Noah
Mattaliano, Michael   Bones, Ian   Kemp, Ryan
Fuzy, Zachary   Knies, Nolan   Kleinhelter, Alex
Wade, Khyree   Smith, Garrett   Akers, Kyle
Slota, Owen   Flint, Bryant   Sage, Jack
Sogocio, Brandon   Youngs, Brody   Nease, Kyle
Akers, Kameron   Kincaid, Curtis   Lemieux, Jake
Gastineau, Shane   McClure, Quinn   Grace, Quincy
Neff, Jack   Betner, Jack   Grace, Hayden
    Betner, Grant   Holmes, Hayden
Trott, Kai   Johnson, Kaleb   Dollens, Jayden
Shefferly, Quinn   Gamble, Joey   Askins, Logan
Ridgeway, Jackson   Berry, Gavin   Abell, Luke
    Juffer, Clayton   Betner, Reid
O'Rourke, Owen   Behr, Brody   Berutich, Kevin
O'Rourke, Dillon   Pauls, John   Smith, Parker
        Ramsey, Josh
        Medcalfe, Tate


  • We will have two U13 HSE-Fishers teams and one U15 HSE-Fishers team entered into this event
  • It is not expected that they will have upper and lower divisions at this event, so we attempted to create two equal U13 teams
  • Cost - $60/player; checks should be made payable to "HSE BOYS LACROSSE" and given to Barb Berutich on the first day of stick skills

An Important Note About Our Philosphy

We are attending these events to give our players an opportunity to play some competitive lacrosse in the offseason and while we always want to win, it is not our primary objective in the fall tournaments. That goal is to get experience for the boys and to have fun playing lacrosse!

Thank you,

HSE-Fishers Boys Lacrosse

Fall/Winter Lacrosse


We have finalized the fall and winter stick skills schedule:

     Sunday, Sept 25 - 1:00-2:30 at HPP (weather permitting)
          Sunday, Oct 2 - no stick skills (Midwest Shootout)
          Sunday, Oct 9 - no stick skills (Empire Classic)
     Sunday, Oct 16 - 1:00-2:30 at HPP (weather permitting)
     Sunday, Oct 23 - 1:00-2:30 at HPP (weather permitting)
          Sunday, Oct 30 - no stick skills (Laxtoberfest)
     Sunday, Nov 6 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex
     Sunday, Nov 13 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex
     Sunday, Nov 20 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex
          Sunday, Nov 28 - no stick skills (Thanksgiving)
     Sunday, Dec 4 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex
     Sunday, Dec 11 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex
          Sunday, December 18 - no stick skills (Holidays)
          Sunday, December 25 - no stick skills (Christmas)
          Sunday, Jan 8 - no stick skills (Christmas)
     Sunday, Jan 15 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex
     Sunday, Jan 22 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex
     Sunday, Jan 29 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex
          Sunday, Feb 5 - no stick skills (Superbowl)
     Sunday, Feb 12 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex
          Sunday, Feb 19 - no stick skills (Availability)
     Sunday, Feb 26 - 1-2:30pm at Incrediplex

Because of the tremendous turn out, we were able to reduce the cost of stick skills by half!

We will need payment for stick skills on the first stick skills date. The fee is $75 made payable to HSE BOYS LACROSSE.

HSE-Fishers Fall and Winter Lacrosse

Fall/Winter Lacrosse Skills and Scrimmages

In the past, HSE-Fishers has entered teams into the Indy Indoor indoor lacrosse league. You may have seen emails or heard of the changes with the indoor seasons. The Indy Indoor league was run by two people (not associated with HSE-Fishers) and they rented space from Off The Wall Sports in Carmel. The two individuals have apparently severed ties with Off The Wall and decided to start another league in Westfield at the Grand Park complex.

While indoor lacrosse is fun and a great way to get your boys playing lacrosse during the winter, we have grown very concerned over the large number of season ending injuries our players have suffered at the 5/6 and 7/8 levels in recent years.

This year, the club will not be formally entering 5/6 and 7/8 teams in either league. This does not prohibit your son from playing in either of those leagues, it just means HSE-Fishers will not organize teams or secure coaches.

Important Note
Some parents have decided to organize teams for indoor. This is fine of course, but understand these teams, despite being organized under the HSE-Fishers name, are not sponsored by the club and therefore operate outside the umbrella of any insurance offered by the club and possibly US Lacrosse.

We may enter teams for 3/4 since the aggressiveness of play is not harsh and injuries have not been as severe.

In lieu of indoor lacrosse teams, our club will be hosting fall and winter skills and scrimmage sessions. These will be open to any player 5th grade and above (for the 2016-2017 school year) who has registered with SPORTS for the spring 2016 season (last spring), if you did not register with SPORTS but wish to participate in the stick skills sessions, please email and we will help you with that step.

Fall and Winter lacrosse is also open to parents who want to become coaches and existing coaches who want to gain more experience. These coaches will shadow more experience coaches during the skills instruction as well as the game play so they can enhance their own coaching skill set.


  • We are concerned about the large number of serious injuries suffered by our 5th-8th grade players at indoor lacrosse.
  • We do not feel there is adequate opportunity to teach and coach the boys at indoor leagues.
  • We want to provide a way to help coach our coaches to help them gain valuable experience in plays, skill instruction, practice and game discipline.


  • Each session will focus on a different set of skills and will have game play in addition to drills to reinforce those skills.
  • Players will be exposed to stick skills, dodging skills, clears, LSM, FOGO and clearing.
  • Asides will be held for special positions such as goalie and face off.
  • Players will learn play sets and formations that are the basis of plays used on spring select and travel teams.
  • Players will learn and improve upon concepts such as defensive slides, isolation, zone and man to man defense.
  • Players will be divided based on skill and experience so newer players will get more instruction on fundamentals and players with more experience can work on advanced concepts.

For Who

  • Players in 5th through 8th grade in the 2016 calendar year.
  • HSE-Fishers students.
  • Players of any sill level, including those new to the sport.
  • Parents who are interested in getting involved in coaching.
  • Note the club will organize a 3/4 team at one of the indoor leagues.

By Who

  • Fall and Winter lacrosse is being sponsored by HSE-Fishers Lacrosse.
  • Each session will be run by 2-3 of our senior coaches using a predefined session lesson plan.
  • Input to the lesson plans come from Matt McInrue (Fishers Varsity Head Coach) and Scott Beasley (HSE Varsity Head Coach).
  • We have a commitment from one high school assistant coach and are speaking other assistant coaches to get commitments to help.
  • We will be having varsity players to assist our senior coaches in instruction and offering their own perspective on plays and skills.


  • Fall sessions will be held outdoors, likely HPP
  • Winter sessions will be held at Incrediplex


  • Dates and times are being finalized now.
  • We are targeting Sunday afternoons
  • This should avoid conflicts with morning worship services families may attend.
    • We will avoid Colts game when possible.
    • This will allow players that wish to participate in indoor lacrosse leagues to participate in HSE-Fishers Fall and Winter lacrosse as well.
  • Fall sessions will begin mid September and run through mid December.
  • Winter sessions will begin mid January and run through early March.

How Much

  • Players must enroll in the entire fall and winter sessions and the cost will be $150 per player.
  • Coaches wishing to shadow to improve their own coaching acumen will not have to pay anything.
  • Each session will have a scrimmage with real game rules and coach refereeing. We will use these scrimmages and game play for fun as well as re-enforcing the sessions concepts.
  • We plan to have an end of season single day round robin made up of teams formed by players in the sessions. T-shirts, pizza and drinks will be provided.

How to Sign Up

Email and include:

  • Player's name
  • Grade player is entering in fall of 2016
  • Players school in fall of 2016
  • Years of lacrosse experience
  • Parent phone number(s) and email(s)
  • Player position (most commonly played)

Other Information

  • Players must have valid US Lacrosse numbers
  • Players must supply their own equipment, including mouth guards and athletic cups
  • Players who would like to participate but need financial assistance may participate in our scholarship program. Contact or the SPORTS office for more information on how fees can be reduced and participation in the equipment loan program.

New Player and Family Sessions

We will also have two sessions this fall for families new to lacrosse. These sessions will be an informational hour each where the game of lacrosse will be explained to kids and parents alike. Kids will be provided loaner sticks to use and will get basic exposure to passing, catching and shooting (using tennis balls for safety) - no investment in equipment is required.

These introductory sessions will be free of charge.

Lacrosse Roads Summer Lacrosse Tourney at Cyntheanne Park

Thanks to all the boys who played on our house teams in the LaCROSSe ROADS classic this past weekend!

A Mascot is Coming! Help Us Identify Him!

We will be introducing a mascot for the 2017 season!  Help us come up with the mascot!

Suggestions so far include:

  • Mudsocks
  • Ligers (a cross between a Tiger and a Lion)
  • Wildcats
  • Pride

Tweet your suggestion to @HSE_FishersLAX with hashtag #HSEFishersLAXMascot.  You can also send an email to HSE Fishers LAX

Congratulations to Varsity Award Winners


1st Team All-State
Keegan Logan
Max Brooks
Nate Crowder

2nd Team All-State
Zach Randall

Garrett Holst Award (Team MVP)
Zach Randall


Honorable Mention for All-State
Jacob Mills

College Commitments

Congratulations to the following players who have committed to play for colleges!

Zach Randall - Mount St. Mary's 
Max Brooks - Monmouth 
Alex Wooldridge - Ohio Northern University
Christian Peach - Indiana Tech

Congratulations to HSE-Fishers Varsity Girls State Champions!

2016 State Champions!

Congratulations to HSE/Fishers high school girls lacrosse team for winning the Indiana High School State Championship this past weekend by defeating cathedral 12-11 in a thrilling double overtime game.  The ladies had to beat undefeated (22-0) Noblesville on Friday night to advance to the final four.  Way to bring home the hardware ladies and represent our community with class and bring more excitement to our lacrosse community!!!  Awesome job ladies!!!


U15 Plays Notre Dame's Arlotta Stadium

Safety At The Games

We are instituting a new spectator line at games.  This line will be painted on fields at CP and is about 10 yards back from the side line.   Please sit behind this line.  This is a direct result from a serious injury one of our players.  He was pushed out of bounds and into a spectators chair and suffered a very severe cut that required a visit to the hospital.   The injury could have been far worse and could have been avoided altogether if the spectators had not been siting on the side line.
When on visiting fields, please do your best to sit back and have the home team also sit back.   Do not be afraid to tell them we had a serious injury because spectators were too close.
NEVER sit behind the cages.   When walking behind the field end lines, ALWAYS keep an eye out for lacrosse balls coming at your head.  This can happen even during warmups.    I saw a young boy spectator get pelted by an errant shot at the Carmel Invite last week.  Luckily he was okay, but he was unhappy as he limped off to the parking lot in obvious pain.
Our coaches will be checking to make sure your son has all the proper gear:
  • Helmet (make sure it’s NCSOE certified)
  • Athletic Cup (don’t let them cheat and try to get away without having one)
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Gloves
  • Colored Mouth guards

HSE/FISHERS Sportswear

HSE/FISHERS Sportwear information.

CP Sponsorship Signage

Fishers Community Business Partners:
The HSE-FISHERS Boys Youth Lacrosse Club has a unique opportunity for you to demonstrate your support of our community and youth. Cyntheanne Park is one of our newest park areas, with an expected visitation of greater than 35,000 this spring, summer and fall. The Parks Service is allowing three fields to be sponsored by local businesses!!
The Details:
As part of your sponsorship, each Field Banner will list the name of your business on the specific Field Post, a Banner will be proudly displayed from June – November on the poles, at the concession stand, sponsorship signage on our website and we will include your names as part of the two Regional Tournaments we will be hosting.

Step One:
Company Name:_________________________Contact:_________________________
Address:_________________ City:_______________ State:___ Zip Code:___________
Business Phone:_____________ Mobile Phone:________________ Fax: _______________
Email Address:___________________________ Step Two: You may submit your art as a
high resolution jpg (277 dpi) or pdf.
Art, Contract and Payment:
*Checks payable to HSE Boys Youth Lacrosse
Brian Holmes
10582 Aeronca Lane, McCordsville, IN 46055
Mobile: 317-418-8702

HSE Fishers LAX Weather Line

317-845-5582 ext. 307

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